Fishing Report 3/23/18

Due to the historic flooding we have had over the past month and a half, I have not been fishing as much as I normally would on the Little Elkhart. I found time yesterday after work to get out on the river for the first time since early January. I started in the middle to upper C&R and worked up and then back down to where I parked. After just returning from the White River in Arkansas, I still had big fish fever and decided to go big on my fly selection. I started with Kitson's Amish Scoblin in an Olive/Ginger/Copper color combo to mimic a creek chub. When tied on with a loop knot, the fly really gets the action you need to elicit a strike from the big boys. Big fish usually move for big streamers, so this is an effective way to mark their location and come back during high water or target them with nymphs later on.

Fish are holding all throughout the runs, which is a sign they are actively feeding. I moved a couple of very nice fish on the bigger articulated streamers, but failed to seal the deal. After downsizing, I took two 12 inch browns on my way back downstream towards my car. I put on a nymph rig, and took two more. One on a bishop and the other a pink san juan (sorry Andy). After catching a couple more, my hands started to get really numb and I could no longer feel strikes or snags. I packed up and headed for the car before the daylight completely ran out.

Fly selection and Critical Info:

-Water temp: +/- 45 degrees Fahrenheit 

-Clarity: Off Color

-Nymphs: Bishop, San Juan (Pink and Red), Guide's Choice, Deacon, Girdle Bug, Dutchie

-Streamers: Scoblin Size 2, Peanut Envy, Buggers Size 4-6, Slump Buster (Light day=light fly, dark day=dark fly)

Don't be afraid to go big, especially at first light or right before dark. This time of year trout are looking to feed after coming out winter "hibernation." This time of year is usually your best shot at getting a big one. The forecast looks pretty consistent and the fishing should only get better as we move closer towards the summer so get out and fish!